Purifying Line

The TOSKANI Purifying cosmetics line is specially formulated to treat acne-prone skins. The active ingredients of this line work together to regulate the production of sebum and decrease the bacteria that lead to the formation of blackheads and pimples.


Purifying Cleanser

Oily and acne prone skins usually generate excess sebum on the face, especially on the forehead, nose, chin and in the T area. This type of skin needs deep cleansing, but with a cleanser that always respects the delicate balance of skin. TOSKANI’s Purifying Cleanser helps regulate the production of sebum and it also helps sebum to be of higher quality, so as not to destabilise the balance of this type of skins. The first step to get healthy skin that stays hydrated and free of imperfections, is facial cleansing. Oily skins normally require more attention than other skin types since it tends to produce more sebum than necessary.


Purifying Cream

Acne-prone skins also need hydration. At TOSKANI we have developed a fluid emulsion for oily skins. Its active ingredients reduce inflammation, reduce bacteria and fight free radicals, maintaining the necessary level of hydration in the skin. This cream regulates the production of sebum and helps to achieve a matte complexion that is free of imperfections. TOSKANI Purifying Cream is and ideal product to be used after cleansing.


Purifying Intensive Serum

Unlike other TOSKANI mesoserums, the new Purifying Intensive Serum has been formulated to be used in a timely manner to treat blemishes and imperfections in a localised way. This drying and antibacterial gel and is effective and accelerates the disappearance of localised blemishes and protects them from bacteria.


Beauty Tip

Use TOSKANI Imperfection Peel Booster every night to unify the skin volume, reduce the size of pores and activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

In TOSKANI we have developed a wide range of products for skin care and a diary that are the perfect complement for those affected in aesthetic centers.

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