Body Expert 360

Remodel the silhouette with the Body Expert 360 line. A non-invasive, liporeducing and firming treatment with two steps: professional and homecare. 100% customisable and compatible with devices.


Soothing Body Peel

The first double-action body peel: exfoliating and soothing. Provides +24% cell renewal compared to untreated control. Contains 5-NAF Complex (5-Natural Acid Fruit Complex), a blend of natural acids extracted from different fruits, such as bilberry, orange and lemon. The combination of all these acids has a multi-action effect on the skin: increases hyaluronic acid and collagen synthesis, softens the skin and stimulates elasticity. Lastly, thanks to α-Bisabolol and Chamomile extract, a unique soothing and anti-irritant effect is obtained in a peel for a pleasantly soft finish that prepares the skin for professional treatments.


Body Meso Starter Kit

The TOSKANI Body starter kit is designed to provide professionals from the beauty sector with the best selection of the most efficient products to carry out global action remodelling treatments. This kit is indicated to improve and correct localised fat deposits and cellulite, and to prevent sagging. Kit includes Localized Cellulite Cocktail (2x10ml), Slimming Cocktail (2x10ml) and Firming Cocktail (2x10ml)


Slimming Peel Off Mask

Slimming body peel-off mask is made with alginates and has 4 actions: lipolytic, draining, slimming and soothing. Slimming body peel-off mask is made with a marine complex extracted from Laminaria alga alginates, giving skin a smooth, natural texture. Slimming body peel-off mask contains ingredients that remodel the silhouette and relieve the sensation of heaviness, such as Guarana, which has a powerful microcirculation-activating action. It also contains Horsetail extract, which has a powerful draining action, and rosemary leaf, which enhances its antioxidant, refreshing and soothing effects to give skin a soft, pleasant finish.


Homecare Treatment

Complement the TOSKANI Body Expert 360 professional treatment with the best cosmetics and nutraceutics to help remodel the silhouette. A range that accompanies our professional treatment to reduce and drain cellulite, firm the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. -Slimming Gel, Repairing Gel and Firming Gel -Nutraceutics: FB Plus and Artichoke Plus

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