Radiance Cocktail

Radiance Cocktail

10 x10ml Vial

TOSKANI Radiance Cocktail is a face illuminating solution with powerful antioxidant and antimelanogenic effects. This formula contains antioxidant and rejuvenating extracts to unify and even the skin tone. It acts before, during and after melanogenesis since it inhibits the synthesis of melanin and increases its degradation. Radiance Cocktail protects skin against UV rays and it also has anti-ageing effects. It inhibits melanin synthesis by interrupting the ability of L-Dopa to join Tyrosinase. Radiance Cocktail also slows the oxidative process in its conversion to eumelanin, neutralizes free radicals and protects against UV radiation. As a complementary effect, Radiance Cocktail protects the skin against UV radiation. It also has anti-ageing action since it shields collagen and elastin from their degradation.

  • Melasmas
  • Dull and sagging skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
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