Slimming Peel Off Mask

50 g sachet (1.76 oz)

Slimming body peel-off mask is made with alginates and has 4 actions: lipolytic, draining, slimming and soothing. Slimming body peel-off mask is made with a marine complex extracted from Laminaria alga alginates, giving skin a smooth, natural texture. Slimming body peel-off mask contains ingredients that remodel the silhouette and relieve the sensation of heaviness, such as Guarana, which has a powerful microcirculation-activating action. It also contains Horsetail extract, which has a powerful draining action, and rosemary leaf, which enhances its antioxidant, refreshing and soothing effects to give skin a soft, pleasant finish.

  • To stimulate cellular metabolism and lipolysis in areas with fatty deposits
  • To seal and maximise the action of the active ingredients contained in the Body Expert 360 professional line
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Laminaria alga, Horsetail leaf extract, Guarana seed extract, Rosemary leaf extract 


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