Stop hair loss and increase hair density with the new TOSKANIMED Anti-Hair Loss medical treatment

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Hair loss is one of the most common concerns for both men and women, especially during spring and autumn, which are the periods with the highest incidence.

Hair loss is caused by many hormonal and hereditary factors, however, it can also occur due to stress, certain medical treatments or bad lifestyle habits. Although it affects both men and women, it is men who are more genetically predisposed to lose their hair. By far the most common type of alopecia in men is so-called androgenic alopecia, with this predominantly hereditary factor. It is also the most common form in women, but there are other factors, including menstrual disorders, vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies such as iron, thyroid hormone deficiencies and stress, among others, which can cause non-specific alopecia.

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7 vitamins for healthy skin

Vitamins and minerals are the greatest allies that we can offer to our skin. Just as our bodies need vitamins to be strong and healthy, including vitamins in your beauty routine will help you keep your skin healthy and looking better.

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Reverse the effects of dry winter skin with TOSKANI HydraNutritive

With the arrival of Winter, we must pay special attention to our skin care. Cold, wind, heating, humidity and various environmental aggressions cause dryness and dehydration, especially in the face and hands, which are the parts of the body that we most expose during this season of the year.

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Detox your skin after the holidays with TOSKANI Purifying

Wondering why your skin breaks out after the holidays? Two of the most notorious aspects of the Christmas season are treats and stress. Although every persons’ skin is different, breakouts can appear during and after the holidays due to environmental and dietary stressors. 

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