TOSKANI Repair & Protect treatment to effectively treat maskne (mask acne)

It’s been a few months since face masks became a regular part of our lives. Face masks have definitely become a large part of the “new normal” that everyone talks about. Some cities have recently passed bylaws making masks mandatory in indoor and outdoor public spaces. The pros of wearing a mask are obvious as it helps keep you and others healthy when it comes to covid-19. But now that we are wearing them so often, many of us are also experiencing a con: mask-induced breakouts and skin irritations or erythema due to prolonged wear.

If you have noticed an increase in breakouts and pimples around your mouth, nose and chin area, you’re not alone. We reached out to our team of experts to learn more about maskne and other skin irritations, their cause, treatment, and preventive measures you can take every day.

What is maskne?

Maskne is technically known as acne mechanica. That is, acne that arises at sites of friction, pressure, occlusion or rubbing, causing irritation and inflammation of the hair follicles. Acne mechanica is also due to increased heat and moisture underneath the masked area, which causes pores to clog, adding to acne flare-ups. It presents as inflammatory papules and pustules that can progress to nodules and cysts.

The difference between acne and maskne is one thing: a face mask. It only occurs in areas where the mask sits against the skin.

Here are a few ways masks can cause acne:

  • Moisture: when confined beneath the fabric of a mask, your breath creates a humid environment. Humidity is the enemy of clear skin as it becomes a breeding ground for acne.
  • Bacteria: sweat, oil and makeup can become trapped under the mask and clog pores. As we touch our face with our hands, bacteria are constantly being reintroduced into our skin. Every time you adjust your mask or even put it on, you’re introducing dirt into your pores from your hands.
  • Friction: the mask moves around the face, damaging the skin’s protective barrier.
  • Warm weather: heat and humidity can exacerbate acne, inside and outside the mask. High temperatures increase your face’s sweat and oil protection. The more oil and sweat, the easier it is for bacteria to turn into acne.
  • Cold weather: cold weather can dry your skin out, making it easier for the mask to irritate the skin.

How to treat maskne?

To treat maskne effectively, at TOSKANI we have a 360º professional treatment that consists of 6 sessions to repair and protect the skin to avoid maskne and irritations. We recommend following the professional treatment with home care cosmetics to enhance and maximise the results.

This treatment combines a detox phase with a supply of antioxidants to help the skin defend itself and repair any damages caused by the mask so it can perform its protective function properly.

Cabin Treatment

  • Detox Phase – 3 sessions: to prepare skin to receive the treatment, we recommend a very gentle exfoliation to eliminate dead cells and leave the skin smooth and uniform. Skins with active acne breakouts can be extremely sensitive and are already damaged. That’s why in this phase, instead of using a chemical peel, we recommend a much more respectful and controlled exfoliation with Saliforo. Saliforo is a mesopeeling formulated with 2% Salicylic acid that provides a superficial peeling effect and has comedolytic, keratolytic, sebum regulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. We recommend mixing Saliforo and Purifying Cocktail and administer it into the skin by means of electroporation. Purifying Cocktail is an effective mesotherapy solution to improve the appearance and reduce imperfections caused by acne. Thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent actives, this cocktail balances sebum secretion and reduces blemishes considerably. To achieve best results, we recommend 3 cabin sessions of this treatment.
  • Repair and Protect Phase – 3 sessions: in this phase, we will give the skin all the antioxidants and defenses it needs to carry out its protective function. As well as above, we recommend preparing the skin and carrying out a very gentle exfoliation to avoid further irritations and redness. In this phase, we recommend starting the treatment with Glycomax, a mesopeeling formulated with 2% Glycolic Acid. This mesopeeling prepares the skin for the subsequent treatment and helps reduce lines and wrinkles, minimises the size of pores, removes dead skin cells and evens skin tone. We recommend mixing Glycomax with Anti-Pollution Cocktail, which is a super complete formula packed with antioxidants and liposomes. Each active has been chosen to give a global solution to wrinkles, dark spots, erythema and dehydration. Contains our GFC5+ complex with hyaluronic acid, peptides and liposomes. A perfect ally to fight skin irritation and give skin all the defenses it needs to repair itself.

Microneedling has excellent benefits for rejuvenating skin and reducing acne scarring. However, this technique should never be used over active acne. Microneedles are guaranteed to make acne worse if used over active lesions. The needles could come into contact with acne bacteria under the surface of the skin and spread it, igniting more and worse flare-ups. The same caution applies to inflamed skin or irritated skin.

To apply these products, we recommend using our new TKN MesojectGun device. An innovative and painless technique for the administration of mesotherapy actives without needles (and without marks or post-treatment bruises) but with maximum efficiency. TKN MesojectGun delivers a homogeneous square wave pulse to ensure the uniform administration and use of actives in the dermis. This square wave is delivered at a low frequency, which is capable of penetrating to a greater depth, guaranteeing visible and long-lasting effects. The low voltage of this square wave also favours rapid tissue recovery, thus preventing patient discomfort.

Home care

To maximise the results of the professional cabin treatments, don’t forget to recommend your patients a daily routine they can follow at home to keep skin clear and protected.

  • Morning routine: Apply half an ampoule of Anti-Pollution ampoules, an intensive care for daily use to improve the skin protection mechanisms against environmental and free radical damage. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, probiotics, liposomes and vitamins, these ampoules improve elasticity and cell regeneration, reduce erythema and irritation and provide a powerful antioxidant effect. After the ampoules, apply Anti-Pollution Total Defense Cream, an innovative cream formulated with peptides and antioxidants that offers multi-protection against radiation, environmental and digital pollution and free radicals while it improves skin hydration and the appearance of wrinkles. An all-round product that will help you keep your skin protected daily!
  • Night routine: Apply half an ampoule of Purifying ampoules. An intensive daily moisturising treatment for oily and acne-prone skins formulated with natural extracts, vitamins and zinc to help rebalance the skin’s lipid layer and prevent imperfections. They help close pore and tone the skin thanks to their astringent effect. After the ampoules, apply Total Recovery Gel, a repairing, moisturising and soothing gel formulated with high concentrations of amino acids, aloe vera and natural moisturising factor, which stimulate epidermal regeneration. Protects and moisturises the epidermis, favouring the recovery of sensitive skin after irritations and epidermal alterations.

The use of face masks leaves the skin without oxygen and its permanent rub causes irritation, darkens the skin and makes it dull and grayish. Now, more than ever, your skin needs a shot of energy to reverse the effect of face masks. Contact your TOSKANI beauty centre for more information about this treatment.


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