7 vitamins for healthy skin

Vitamins and minerals are the greatest allies that we can offer to our skin. Just as our bodies need vitamins to be strong and healthy, including vitamins in your beauty routine will help you keep your skin healthy and looking better.

Vitamins provide luminosity and hydration to the skin, but they also help to unify the tone, fill in wrinkles, fight tired appearance and delay the process of ageing.

Let's get to know the most important vitamins!

Vitamin A

It is the main anti-aging active and can be found in the form of retinol, retinal or retinil. It is part of the fat-soluble vitamins (those that dissolve in fats and oils). The contribution of this vitamin to our dermis has multiple benefits:

·      Eliminates the signs of premature aging, such as fine lines, blemishes and other types of pigmentation

·      Improves the appearance of deep wrinkles

·      Stimulates cell regeneration and collagen synthesis

·      Improves skin tone and texture

·      Brings luminosity and firmness to the skin

If you want to introduce Vitamin A into your routine, you should do it gradually so that the skin gets used to this powerful active and avoid irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. In addition, it should be used only at night and accompanied by sun protection in the morning since Vitamin A is photo-sensitive and can damage the skin.

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Group B vitamins

These vitamins are an active part of cell regeneration processes and are decisive in the correct development of skin metabolism. They are used on the skin to reinforce its protective barrier, creating a protective shield against environmental agents such as sun, wind or cold that affect the most sensitive skins so much. These vitamins have an important anti-aging action, stimulating cell renewal, improving blood circulation, regulating hydration and regenerating the skin. Within the group of B vitamins, vitamin B3 and B5 stand out.

Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) and its derivatives work to control redness caused by acne and rosacea, soothe the skin, and regulate sebum.

Vitamin B5 (panthenol) helps wound healing, regenerates, soothes and hydrates the skin.

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Vitamin C

It is the antioxidant par excellence. Also known as ascorbic acid and for its high concentration in citrus fruits (lemon, orange ...). Unlike vitamin A, it is part of the water-soluble vitamins, that is, it is capable of dissolving in water.


·      Its action is exercised in two ways:

»Intervenes in the collagen formation process, therefore, improves skin elasticity and prevents the appearance of wrinkles

»Neutralizes free radicals and regenerates vitamin E: both actions prevent skin aging and consequences of damage caused by exposure to UVB rays

·      Reduces the appearance of melanic spots

·      Reduces inflammation and skin irritation

·      Improves hydration and radiance

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant and complements the activity of Vitamin C. Both vitamins work in a different and complementary way, protecting the skin from oxidative damage.


·      Protects cell lipid membranes from oxidative damage, preventing skin aging

·      Reduces free radicals to less active metabolites

·      Increases the speed of skin regeneration

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Vitamin K

Vitamin K is one of the essential vitamins in our body and with great benefits for our skin.

·      Improves healing

·      Reduces dark circles due to improved circulation in the area

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