Discover TOSKANI Anti-Pollution: the most complete professional treatment to protect your skin against pollution

Did you know that 92% of the world’s population is exposed to higher levels of pollutants than the limits established by the World Health Organization? If you live in the city, you will already know that in addition to solar radiation, there are many other environmental causes that intervene in the appearance of spots, dryness, texture changes, wrinkles, collagen deterioration and skin sensitivity.

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TOSKANI in the media - July 2019

Beauty magazines, experts and dermatologists love TOSKANI. Discover what the media said about our brand this month.

Diario Expansión 

Expansión is the leading newspaper in Spain for all news regarding market updates, opinion and economy. In July, they decicated a section to China commerce and how Spanish companies are entering this giant market. TOSKANI was featured and our CEO Joaquim Xalabarder explained what our business has done to achieve a successful presence in the Chinese market.

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How does menopause affect our skin?

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Naturally, women reach menopause between 45 and 55 years old. Menopause involves the disappearance of female hormones and has multiple effects on the woman’s body. Some are well known such as hot flashes and sudden sweats.

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The skin care ingredients you should never mix

Surely you know how to mix and match the contents of your wardrobe, and what shoes go with everything you own. But when it comes to topical creams, moisturisers, serums and other potions, do you ever pause and think about what’s scripted on the back label? Not all skin care ingredients work well together and using them at the same time could be putting your skin on a never-ending loop of reaction, solution and repeat. With so many active ingredients, figuring out how and when to use these products can get a little confusing, especially when you’re trying to pin down a skin care routine that works for you.

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