Do you know how to read a cosmetic label?

What makes one serum better than another one? Reading a cosmetics label can be daunting. So, if you don’t know how to read the ingredients list, icons, etc. in this post we’ll help you decipher a beauty product label.

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TOSKANI in the media - May 2019

Beauty magazines, experts and dermatologists love TOSKANI! Discover what the media say about our brand.

Vida Estética - Issue 487 May

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Prepare your skin for the sun and for a beautiful tan with TOSKANI treatments

How can you prepare the skin for summer if you have spots?

The first thing we recommend when preparing skin for summer is a medical-aesthetic treatment to even the skin tone and provide luminosity. At TOSKANI we recommend mesotherapy products with biomimetic peptides, which are bio-intelligent substances that are able to emulate the functions of the receptors of those responsible for the production of melanin to attenuate and prevent spots. In particular, we recommend TOSKANI WCPR, its revolutionary formula unifies the skin tone, fights against cellular oxidation and regenerates skin. To provide luminosity, we also recommend TKN HA Glowcomplex, formulated with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, provides a long-lasting illuminating and firming effect.

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How to prevent and repair sun damage

Skin photo-ageing is the deterioration of the skin due to sun exposure. But do you know how exactly the sun damages the skin and why it is important to keep it protected?

The skin is composed of three layers: the epidermis or outer layer, the dermis or intermediate layer and the subcutaneous tissue or deepest layer. The dermis contains collagen, elastin and other fibers that are part of the structure of the skin. These elements are those damaged by ultraviolet radiation. When UV rays hit the skin, the melanocytes fight to produce melanin to be deposited in the epidermis. This is the process that gives us a tan, which is actually a defense reaction against radiation, so that it does not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. UV rays also produce inflammation and activation of certain enzymes (MMP).

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